Saturday, December 24, 2011

5. Delivered in US!

Are you going to US for your daughter’s delivery?

You have to know these. However, know this first. US Embassy doesn’t encourage people going there for taking care of someone’s delivery. They have experts there! But expensive!
First, make sure  if the surname field in your passport is filled!

If you do not hhave an insurance, you can never enter the doctor’s “office”, ya office as it is known in US, not clinic. If you miss an appointment, you’ll have to pay a penalty of $25. But, if it’s an emergency, they have to attend to the patient even without insurance. Govt. agencies like medicaid, medicare etc will pay up for the poor.

Ok, now, let’s say,  your daughter is expecting a baby. First few months she will be seeing a gynaecologist and later an obstetrician and a midwife associated with her. She’ll have to choose a good paediatrician and a good hospital. All these people must have been chosen in early pregnancy itself.

In the seventh month,  the expecting mother will be called to the hospital of her choice for a tour around the hospital with her husband. They will explain the procedures adopted in the hospital at the time of admission and during delivery. A lot of phamphlets on health, exercises, and legal aspects will be given.  During the eighth  month, the importance of mother’s milk will be explained and will be introduced to “Breast feeding  mothers’ association “ and an expert trained nurse on that. In the 9th month normal and caesarian delivery aspects will be explained by the hospital people.

To be continued

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