Saturday, December 31, 2011

6. Delivered in US

When labour pain starts or amniotic sac breaks, you, must contact your obstetrician by phone. If she is of the opinion that you must be admitted to hospital, then you should do so.

At first only the nurses in that hopital attend to you, the expecting mother. They create a name tag with photo of the expecting  mother. Then they will call your midwife.  Only if necessary, they’ll call your doctor.

The hospital is like an hotel. No smell of phenol!

In the labour room, video camera, laptop, husband, mother all are allowed. You can play a music of your choice to your wife! As soon as the baby is born, the baby is placed on the mother for a while and the husband is required to cut the umbilical chord. You can photograph the ceremony!

The pride of a maternal grandpa, be seen here, at least for the days the baby is in hospital?  Around the wrists of grandpa, grandma, mother, husband and the baby a wrist band with a barcode and with the name of the grandpa (surname‼) and initial of the mother and should be worn. You c. Surname in your daughter’s passport carries a lot of pride! Not only that, you can wear a badge ‘ Iam a grandpa’ , given free.

Whenever the baby is taken away for bathing or medicala tests etc. one of us can accompany the nurse. They verify the tags on the baby.s wrist and us and tell us to make a note of their photo id.

You can request the hospital to keep your umbilical cord for your family or donate for research such as transplantation, stem cell etc. You have to pay about $2000 to preserve it in the Banking facility for years. Research has proven that these stem cells of your own can cure a lot of diseases.

There are small tables attached to the walls in the rest rooms (toilets!) called ‘Diaper Changing Stations’ Daddies are good at changing the diaper for their babies.

Even new born babies have to wear a form of ‘seat belt’ while travelling in a car. Not exactly seat belt, but a chair known as ‘infant restraint’. If you think the mother’s lap is the best for the baby’ then you are in trouble. For the traffic Officer will charge you with a ‘ticket’. May be a $150. Not only that, your next insurance premium will be with a premium

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  1. Video camera and Laptop seems to get a priority than the to-be parents.:) US rocks..