Sunday, December 12, 2010

1. Coffee in America

Starbucks, a snacks bar found everywhere in US mainly in most of the shopping complexes and petrol stations, "Food Exits" in highways, carries small medium and large coffee, which are referred to as tall, grande and venti and it depends on the type of coffee, but a regular coffee costs $1.40 for a tall 12 oz 355ml, $1.60 for a grande 16 oz 480ml and $1.70 for venti 20 oz. + taxes like 14 cents.

      There are about six types of coffee. Ask for REGULAR and SMALL. Most places you can ask for extra cup. Some places they charge 50 cents for an empty cup.Nothing wrong in asking! If you carry two plastic cups, you can share it!! As they give a cap you can drink it later also.  Regular coffee is super! Milk, Creamer,sugar n diabetic sweetener can be added according to your taste in a seperate table.

      Becareful of standing in a queue, many will stand quite away from the counter, so much so that you don't realise that they are actually in the queue.

      However in China towns you get a good coffee for a single buck, still 46 rupees!! Two can share it.
      Seattles coffee is also good.

      In fact all the three i have mentioned have greater aroma then Narasu's, in their own way.

      Professor Nyaanasambantham once quipped about the coffee in US in Pichappan Valliammai's Tampa (Florida) house that "In India we drink coffee when we are tired. But in US we get tired in drinking coffee!"

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