Thursday, December 16, 2010

2. HALLOW E'EN! (the evening before All Hallows Day)

HALLOW E'EN! (the evening before All Hallows Day)

Independence day, Veterans day, Christmas, New Years day, and Halloween fall on definite dates every year. All other holidays are combined with weekends. If holiday falls on Saturday, then Friday would be a holiday. If a holiday falls on Sunday then Monday would be a holiday.

Halloween falls on October 31st every year. Though it originates from Europe,it is believed to be celebrated for warding off evils and inviting good souls, and also to be welcoming the 'Fall' and the winter.

Scarecrows, paper skeletons, black cats, spider web made of threads, ghost images, bats, brooms and witches, pumpkins, and jack-o-lanterns are displayed in front of the houses.

The pulp inside the pumpkin is carved out. On the outer side two eyes a nose and few scary teeth are carved out with a knife. A candle is placed inside. This is known as jack-o-lantern.

Rolls, cakes and soups are made using pumpkin.

' Trick or Treat ' In the evening,The children aged 3 to12 dress up in different forms, mostly face painted like ghosts, wearing masks like presidents, dressed like pirates, avatars, skeletons. They start from their houses with one elderly person from each family, in the October 31st evening as a group and go around from house to house in the neighborhood, with open pumpkin plastic baskets collecting candies and chocolates.

In the shop houses in malls, an employee sits outside the the shop dressed in a scary manner or like one of the latest characters in cartoons and distribute candies. The whole children crowd will be there.

Look for a party organized by the leasing office of your apartment in the afternoon of Oct 31st at the clubhouse nearer to it.

A few people join together and create Halloween haunted houses artificially with a lot of automated electronic devices to scare off people. These houses are open normally from october 1st. They advertise the venue in newspapers. They normally charge like $10. Most of the time they are free. You can view an example at the following website.

In fact around the apartments we lived in there were so much of Indian children, still with some remnants of India, that the place seemed to be Little India! On Deepavali day the whole place was empty?! May be went to temple!

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